Jan 2, 2021 - 7:00 PM
Organized by LouisLou

Ups and Downs - Patron

Ups and Downs is the Covid adaptation for Upside Down festival.

We decided to create a new system of monetising. We want to keep it super accessible for as many people as possible. For every activity you will be able to donate.

On top of that, you can become a patron and support the festival in general.

__Supporter €10__
I like what you do, and support Ups and Downs

__Basic Patron €25__
I want you to keep on creating.

__Maecenas €50__
Ups and Downs is great, I’m sure you’ll spend this support well.

__Ups and Downs Fan €100__
There you go, still peanuts compared to a regular weekend! I’m happy to make this festival possible, and will probably attend most of your activities!

__Fr1%wh*$ler €xx__
I love weird numbers. I want to donate €1,78 cause that’s all you have left on your account? I want to donate €37 ‘cause that’s just enough to pay every team member a belgian beer? Here you go €1000, I won the lottery last week...

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